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Proven Implementation Methodology

Friedman Corporation's structured COMPASS implementation methodology, a proven approach to a successful implementation, focuses on the following:

  • Managing the desired and intended changes that justified the system implementation, to maximize the benefits of the implementation without a negative short-term impact on company performance.
  • Making sure the executive management team's vision of the project is communicated to the Project Team. Communication of the vision will help prevent scope creep, as well as unintended backsliding into the old system functions. The latter can result in heavy modification of the Friedman system to look like the old system.
  • Assuring that all issues and concerns are identified, documented, and prioritized, then addressed in a timely manner, to prevent small issues from becoming huge problems.
  • Ensuring the client establishes a realistic, formal education/simulation program that includes a process to identify the need for additional training, and ensures the availability of key resources. For example, the Project Team requires ample time to practice with the system as part of the Business Simulation.
  • Involving the Project Team - hands-on - and keeping them engaged. The project cannot succeed if it is viewed as an Information Systems Department project only.
  • Keeping top management up-to-date on the progress of the project through a series of 4 to 6 project Progress Assessment Documents (PAD) as well as implementation metrics and scorecards.

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